Kota or the so called education hub of India welcomes over 1,50,000 students each year for the preparation of various competitive exams. Say the name Kota, and you are instantly reminded of a volley of coaching centers which shelter the dreams of thousands of students every year. Over the last decade, Kota has emerged as a coaching hub for those preparing for entrance examinations for top engineering and medical colleges.

Behind the successful Rs 1500-crore coaching industry, recent suicides have, of late, marred its reputation. Nirmal Yogi, Aman Kumar Gupta, Anson Anil Kumar, Keshav Meena, Avanish Meena, Prince Kumar Singh, Kriti Tripathi are not just names but a showcase of the grim reality which we need to address immediately.

These are those students who chose to end their lives as they were unable to cope up with the burden of the un-scalable expectations of their parents, family and the society.

What is it about the place that force students to take such an extreme step? It puts tremendous pressure on students

  • The popular belief ‘If you can’t get into IIT, you are worthless’
  • No fee refund policies who want a way out
  • Most coaching institutions have no counselors
  • Other reasons like drug abuse, failed relationships compel students to go for such a step

Disturbing suicide stats in Kota:

  • There have now been eight suicides committed by students in the town best known for its coaching centers in 2016.
  • In 2015, the number of suicide cases by students taking coaching were 19, following which guidelines to coaching institutes to check such deaths were initiated.
  • In the past 5 years 57 students ended their lives by committing suicide.
  • Despite several measures adopted by the government and NGOs, student suicides continue unabated in the coaching hub.

A note for the parents:

It is the dream of every parent to see his child touch the pinnacles of success. When parents look at those huge billboards depicting pictures of children who have achieved what they dream for their child, the resolution to inspire and motivate their children becomes still stronger.

There is nothing wrong in thinking on a certain kind of Assured Career Insurance for one’s child because of limited resources and high degree of competition but the World too has changed drastically in the last 15-20 years. Many new fields like Art, Entertainment, Professional Sports, Literature, Health & Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Journalism, Photography, Event management, Music, Adventure, Destination tourism, etc, too have witnessed immense growth in comparison to the bygone era but still remain unexplored.

However, current reality is that due to the lack of right kind of conditions and support systems, many children are going through stress uncured and unattended for and in a few cases such situations disabled the children to such an extreme extent that they committed suicide.

Parents should try to understand the caliber of their child and also make them check out for other opportunities available.

– Sankalp Jain


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