“I can” or “IQ”: UPSC Review

Well! This is an exciting time of the year- the time when the Union Public Service Commission begins the hunt to find out the best Civil Servants by conducting the Civil Service Examination which is considered to be the toughest exam to crack on this planet earth and is often said to be the mother of all exams. UPSC exam is undoubtedly an intoxication indeed, the media and the attention the exam gets is something which could be seen from the recently concluded Prelims. As usual, the UPSC preliminary was a bewilderment and many people who went in the exam hall expecting a set pattern were in for a shock.

The aspirants need to realize that the exam they are appearing for isn’t everybody’s cup of tea because UPSC is a brilliant thing, it doesn’t require just one quality to make it to the top list, as it is an amalgamation of attributes right from humanity to reasoning, language to personality. The exam is not going to ask you about rocket science, it is going to be simple it is going to be common. This year’s prelims had many tricky questions which not only tested conceptual understanding but also factual understanding. And that makes UPSC a roll of dice for many, students who had mugged up the current affairs were stumped as there were fewer questions from the current affairs compared to last year. It highlights the fact that UPSC not only requires extensive reading, but also an eye for detail.

UPSC itself is a baffling process with so many levels to test the aspirant being prelims, mains, and the interview, apart from these the most daunting being the peers and society and what not. These challenges keep getting bigger with every stage. Let me tell you this is the time when we actually get our toppers because toppers are not the ones who get the answers correctly marked on the piece of paper but are the ones who handle this pressure with calm and composure.

“Your “I Can” is more important than your IQ”.

This beautiful quote by Robin Sharma describes what an aspirant needs to have to crack UPSC. Believe that somehow, sometime, somewhere you can achieve your heart’s highest goal. You can make it happen sometime- maybe not this year, perhaps this may be the year where you need to go through transition, you need to retool yourself intellectually with new skills. Just mere believing would not make you pass this hurdle called UPSC, you need to commit yourself to this dream, once you believe in your abilities, affirm you’re created in the image of God and you deserve to succeed in life, God would definitely hit the ball in your court. Now it is your time to hit the ball back with commitment.


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