From An Engineer to A Designer

“Fashion is something that comes from you within.”   – Ralph Lauren


Siddhant Chaudhary

What Ralph means here is that the creativity you possess must be at its peak, which means that in order to justify this field and to survive in this ocean; you need to be expressive enough to show your design sensibility, your thoughts and your philosophy.

Fashion is a camouflaged glamorous world which demands constant change, and in order to maintain this change you need to possess your creativity from within, and for that you need to understand your identity, strengths and your muse.

Creativity is not just any other sketch, illustration or artwork. Creativity is something which gives appropriate solution to the problems. It is the body of Science, fiction’s soul, architecture’s foundation and drama’s essence. A creative person must be aware of his/her five senses, so that they can analyze the elements of design.

My undergraduate education would tell you that I am an engineer, but I am not like all the engineers, I went after my dream and I am living that today. I went through a lot during my engineering days; I was upset, depressed and frustrated (well most of us are). I didn’t knew what was my role there. Because a creative person can’t do same things again and again, mug up same questions and theorems just to write them on a sheet of paper and pass a semester. I didn’t understand how these scientific or mathematical theories would help a person to grow.


Siddhant’s Brand

I believe in experiments, practical aspects of education and non-conventional thinking. This thinking made me organize various art exhibitions, fashion shows and some artistic dance performances in my college, JUIT. That was the best time for me because that was the process of realisation, of finding myself and my place in this world, I started living a dream that I never dreamt of there. I was searching for my identity, priorities and taste, and got a glimpse of the same during that time.

By the end of the third year, I was damn sure that I’m going to join some fashion school after my graduation, because it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. By that point of time, my mom was partially fine with my decision, because I’m a jat boy from a rural area where fashion is nothing but a taboo. Everybody was shocked with my decision of pursuing fashion as my career. Nobody could take the fact that an engineer and moreover a jat could think of pursuing fashion as a career.  But WHO CARES?? This is an amazing phrase. Say it loud, when someone forces you to do something against your will. It never mattered to me, I wasted four years of my life, because I was a ball of others opinion. So I could take it no more.

So, guys compile your incredible creative thoughts together and apply for any fashion schools, if you have an creative perspective and feel the same way I felt, these are my first choices for you NID, NIFT and Pearl Academy. There are two exams in entrance, one is aptitude test (Basic English, GK, basic mathematics, reasoning) and another one is design test.

I wish you all the luck. Make your hobbies, your passion and never lose hope. There is only one key to success which is HARD WORK.

A glimpse of my Latest Work.

 – Siddhant Chaudhary



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