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From An Engineer to A Designer

“Fashion is something that comes from you within.”   – Ralph Lauren


Siddhant Chaudhary

What Ralph means here is that the creativity you possess must be at its peak, which means that in order to justify this field and to survive in this ocean; you need to be expressive enough to show your design sensibility, your thoughts and your philosophy.

Fashion is a camouflaged glamorous world which demands constant change, and in order to maintain this change you need to possess your creativity from within, and for that you need to understand your identity, strengths and your muse.Read More »From An Engineer to A Designer


Kota or the so called education hub of India welcomes over 1,50,000 students each year for the preparation of various competitive exams. Say the name Kota, and you are instantly reminded of a volley of coaching centers which shelter the dreams of thousands of students every year. Over the last decade, Kota has emerged as a coaching hub for those preparing for entrance examinations for top engineering and medical colleges.Read More »KOTA: THE SILENT KILLER

Enzymes of Career Opportunities

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” ― Isaac Asimov


Shivai Gupta

In a society where the convention is the rat race, having a different ideology and planning to do justice to a different career path that deviates the norm, is difficult. For a field in its nascent phase, and a country where engineering was governed by the information technology branch, taking up something in the life sciences domain other than being a doctor such as Biotechnology was something that wasn’t supported 6 years ago.Read More »Enzymes of Career Opportunities

What’s meant to be, will always find a way!


Anmol Whorra

Almost each one of us must have read the phrase “What’s meant to be, will always find a way” trending as an inspirational quotes filling up social media timelines. What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you read the line? Rarely will people of any age, be it ours or the ones who are reading this article right now will relate it to the path you’ve chosen as your career. This choice is a difficult one, but definitely worth the fight.Read More »What’s meant to be, will always find a way!

Be Careful What You Wish For


Suhani Singh

Don’t get carried away by the title. I am not talking about Jeffery Archer’s book here. Consider the literal meaning of the title. Especially when it comes to deciding what majors you should opt for. Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science? If you will search a bit harder, you can get Nanotechnology, Cloud Computing and such other branches for your majors too. As simple as it may seem, this decision plays a major role in your life.Read More »Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Ready For Hard Work


Naman Arora

As a young lad of 9th grade I was always fascinated by the corporate life and would curiously go and ask my dad (who is a businessperson), as to what it takes to get there. Every time I asked this question, he would change the topic by saying “Engineering”. Therefore, after my high school my fascination made me choose PCM. It was then; I had started to dream about becoming an engineer.Read More »Be Ready For Hard Work