From An Engineer to A Designer

“Fashion is something that comes from you within.”   – Ralph Lauren


Siddhant Chaudhary

What Ralph means here is that the creativity you possess must be at its peak, which means that in order to justify this field and to survive in this ocean; you need to be expressive enough to show your design sensibility, your thoughts and your philosophy.

Fashion is a camouflaged glamorous world which demands constant change, and in order to maintain this change you need to possess your creativity from within, and for that you need to understand your identity, strengths and your muse.Read More »From An Engineer to A Designer

Every Great Dream begins with a Dreamer


Shreya Tyagi

As a teenager I was pretty clueless about my future! All I knew was that I enjoyed artistic work and creative pursuits. I had a keen appreciation for art and luxury, but without any idea as in how to pursue my interests professionally. Straight after two gruelling years of studying Science at school in my hometown, Chandigarh, I joined (no prizes for guessing!) an engineering school, where I did my bachelors in Computer Science Engineering.Read More »Every Great Dream begins with a Dreamer

Follow your Bliss


Shivam Sharma

Memory is an odd beast to be sure, and cognitive science tells us that all of us confabulate memory to varying degrees. While we can’t change how our brains work—and we cannot change the fact that memory is a reconstruction—we can dig like miners searching for even faint memories of what once fuelled our passions. People who genuinely love their jobs have done this—in fact, they’re usually doing it all the time—and are in touch with that kid who loved to write, or make exceptionally mouth-watering dishes, or envision amazing buildings. The important part: what these people are doing in their jobs now may not be a carbon copy of those passions, but they’ve successfully integrated elements of those passions into what they do.

Read More »Follow your Bliss