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What’s meant to be, will always find a way!


Anmol Whorra

Almost each one of us must have read the phrase “What’s meant to be, will always find a way” trending as an inspirational quotes filling up social media timelines. What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you read the line? Rarely will people of any age, be it ours or the ones who are reading this article right now will relate it to the path you’ve chosen as your career. This choice is a difficult one, but definitely worth the fight.Read More »What’s meant to be, will always find a way!

Be Careful What You Wish For


Suhani Singh

Don’t get carried away by the title. I am not talking about Jeffery Archer’s book here. Consider the literal meaning of the title. Especially when it comes to deciding what majors you should opt for. Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science? If you will search a bit harder, you can get Nanotechnology, Cloud Computing and such other branches for your majors too. As simple as it may seem, this decision plays a major role in your life.Read More »Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Ready For Hard Work


Naman Arora

As a young lad of 9th grade I was always fascinated by the corporate life and would curiously go and ask my dad (who is a businessperson), as to what it takes to get there. Every time I asked this question, he would change the topic by saying “Engineering”. Therefore, after my high school my fascination made me choose PCM. It was then; I had started to dream about becoming an engineer.Read More »Be Ready For Hard Work

Follow your Bliss


Shivam Sharma

Memory is an odd beast to be sure, and cognitive science tells us that all of us confabulate memory to varying degrees. While we can’t change how our brains work—and we cannot change the fact that memory is a reconstruction—we can dig like miners searching for even faint memories of what once fuelled our passions. People who genuinely love their jobs have done this—in fact, they’re usually doing it all the time—and are in touch with that kid who loved to write, or make exceptionally mouth-watering dishes, or envision amazing buildings. The important part: what these people are doing in their jobs now may not be a carbon copy of those passions, but they’ve successfully integrated elements of those passions into what they do.

Read More »Follow your Bliss